Solar thermal heating at home

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Solar thermal heating at home

You might be wondering if it is worth having solar thermal heating for your home, but before you rush into having it installed you should consider your options carefully. It might be a good idea to speak to the experts to get all of the details of the system, how much it will cost and how much it will save you on average, that way you can work out if it is suitable for you.

Everyone who has solar thermal heating installed should notice some reduction in their energy bills, some more than others. This will depend on your usual average usage of course and the amount of daylight hours you have. Some people think that for solar heating to work there has to be sun, but it actually works on daylight, so it could be a cloudy day but if it is still light out them your solar heating will work.

It works by collecting the solar energy through a solar panel which are usually placed on the roof of your home. It is important to point out that if your home is a listed building you need to get planning permission to have the panels fitted to the roof. The solar panels (known as collectors) are linked to your heating system to ensure you get regular supplies of both hot water and heating into your home.

This means that you are not using as much of the gas or electricity supply so your bills will be lower. It also means that you will be much more eco-friendly too.

3 Things Construction Employers Should Know about the Safe Pass Card

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3 Things Construction Employers Should Know about the Safe Pass Card

According to the 2006 Construction Regulations, all those who work on a Construction Site need to own a FAS/Solas safe pass card. What is it that employers should know about this card and why is it so important that they are properly informed? Read here and find out more.

  • You need to know about the safe pass course Dublin because it concerns you as well. After all, you have employed people and you want them to be safe throughout the construction process, so you should definitely make sure to keep yourself informed about all the regulations that both you and your employees need to abide to.
  • In general, the safe pass course is paid by the employers, as it is something related to the nature of their employees’ work. While the prices may vary according to who is organizing the course, where it is organized and even whether or not lunch/drinks are included, you should expect to pay approximately £23 for the registration fee alone. Most course may require more than that, as they include the space where the course is held, the drinks and all the other items that will be used throughout the training day.
  • Furthermore, please keep in mind that employers are required to provide their employees free paid days when they have to attend courses or trainings that are related to their safety. Thus, make sure you do this as well. Remember, this is stipulated under the health and safety legislation, so you do not have a choice!

All in all, the safe pass card is not something you or your employees should be afraid of. On the contrary, it is a way by which you can help your workers minimize the risks of any accidents happening when on site!


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Quebec City in winter is a favorite destination for those who want to honeymoon in the winter. Often called as the Paris of North America, Quebec City offers a gorgeous French architecture that will take you step back into the 17th century.

If you are planning a winter wedding, you should have an idea for a honeymoon destination during the coldest time of the year. Once you have left your wedding venue Brighton, and what is usually a very cold UK winter, a honeymoon somewhere warm is a must.

Hawaii should be your first option due to its exotic culture and perfect weather year round. There are great viewing sites in Hawaii for whales which throng the place starting from late November. Two of the favorite sites are Maui’s west coast’s warm shallows and the Au’au Channel.

Belize being the world’s second longest barrier reef has less rainfall and offers good visibility for divers exploring the region. Other fun filled activities include a visit to the Maya temple and a hiking at the world’s only jaguar reserve.

The Rajasthan’s camel Fair in India kick starts the tourism season in the Asian country. It is an awesome time of the year to Agra’s Taj Mahal and Jaipur’s pink city without the hot sun. Kerala is great for houseboating because of its waterways. It is also known for its Ayurveda therapy hence drawing a lot of spa goers.

USA among other countries such as Japan and Canada among others offer famous resorts challenging terrain and a wonderful nightlife for those couples looking for a romantic snow filled honeymoon getaway. You can engage yourselves in skiing or relax up by the fireside in one of the many hotels.

Making memories during your honeymoon is easy. Do not let the chilly weather and the snow stop you from having a wonderful time on your honeymoon, and if you haven’t yet chosen your perfect wedding venue Brighton, click here for great ideas.

Choosing The Best Short Term Investment

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Choosing The Best Short Term Investment

Investments come in different versions, some require huge amounts of money while others need small amounts. For any given investment, it will be mainly determined by the amount of cash you have in hand. Particular assets such as corporate bonds involve large sums, same as when putting down payment for a property purchase. Others like stocks and shares require either regular contributions or lump sum. So, best short term investments have minimum financial requirements. Visit for more help and advice

5 Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Short Term Investments That Satisfies Your Needs

  • How much you want to invest, how much you have in hand
  • Specific period of time for that investment
  • The final use of the money after the end of the investment period
  • The amount of income you need from the investment
  • Your age and circumstances around you (do you have a dependent family?)

If you consider investing in shares, be ready to take risks because shares keep on fluctuating. So, they might not be the best short term investments. If you are looking for investment that will give you back profit to purchase a new car, short term investment with lower risks is the best option.

In most cases, if you want the best short term investments that will give you income, then you need a professional advice before making a final decision. Corporate bond funds, property investment, or annuities are better options if you want income from a certain investment. Lastly, your age and personal circumstances are very important when deciding on which kind of short term investment you want. For instant, aged person with dependent children will choose a less risky investment.

Choosing the right poster printer

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poster printer

When choosing poster printers there are several things you need to be taking into consideration, after all, choosing posters or flyers for advertising your business can mean the potential of reaching thousands more people than just word of mouth advertising. This is something you don’t want to mess up as first impressions count.

  1. You want to make sure the printers you choose can do what you need them to, and do it within your budget. It is all well and good going all out on an advertising campaign, but if it costs a lot to do it means less profit. You have to sell more of your product or service in order just to break even.
  2. Make sure your delivery times can be met. If you are advertising a special offer or promotion, you don’t want to be getting your posters or flyers out to potential customers the day (or longer) after the event has started. It doesn’t look professional, and people remember that kind of error.
  3. You need your poster printers to be able to offer you the quality you require. It goes without saying that your potential customers will judge you on the quality of your advertising. If the paper is poor quality, or if the printing itself is not of a good standard, it looks like you have had the work done on the cheap, or in a hurry, neither of which will instil confidence in your quality of product or service with the customer.
  4. Do your poster printers offer you any kind of loyalty discount? A lot of places do this now to reward returning customers – if they don’t why not try negotiating with them on price or free delivery?
  5. You have to make sure you feel comfortable with your printers, you need to know they will do a good job, so ask questions about their methods, other work they have done for other local businesses. Get a feel for them, if you don’t feel like they are experts or at least experienced enough to do a great job for you, then find someone you do have confidence in.



Wall Tiles and Floor Tiles

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wall and floor tile

Ceramic tiles are the most well-known types of tiles and the most popularly used in buildings as they are the most durable and hard wearing of all tiles. They can be used for floors, walls; worktops and many other applications, there are a wide range of colours, designs, sizes, shapes and patterns. Other than ceramic tiles, there are porcelain, metal, natural stones and glassworks tiles, all of which Branded Tiles have a huge range of at amazing prices.

Ceramic Tiles

  • Very cost effective
  • Available in many different designs
  • Ceramic is porous so the tiles must be glazed to protect them from water damage
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install

Glass Tiles

  • Luminous and reflective
  • Make amazing mosaics
  • Low maintenance
  • Water Resistant

Stone Tiles

  • Granite – Looks attractive but can crack easily
  • Marble – Easily scratched and high maintenance

Porcelain Tiles

  • Glazed or semi-glazed
  • More durable than ceramic

Deciding on what is the right tile for your project depends on many factors, such as the surface that is being covered, how much wear it will get, if it is near water or heat, costs, designs and much more. Each tile type has pros and cons so it normally depends on the appearance and durability of the tiles once installed. Ceramic tiles are rated depending on how much wear they can handle, so it is easier to judge which tile will be the most long-lasting for the surface.



Why use professional booklet printing services

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professional booklet

There are a number of reasons why you should consider the use of professional booklet printing services.  For many companies good marketing is essential and it is worth turning to professional services to help you along.  Booklets are a great way to let people know about products and services but they are also a useful tool for non-commercial enterprises.


  • It won’t cost as much as you think. Professional printing can be done very cheaply these days thanks to modern technology.  Digital printing means that it is very cost effective to print even a small amount of booklets.
  • Professional booklet printing services also come with the option of professional design services so if you are not too confident about putting the material together yourself you can always enlist the help of someone who has been doing it for much longer!
  • The range of printing options means that you are able to choose from a variety of finishes including matt and glossy and there are also different binding options. With the help of your professional printers you can find the solutions that suit your needs.
  • Professional booklet printing will help your business to stand out from the crowd. Many companies opt to print their marketing materials in-house but you can tell the difference between these and an expert finish.


When you are promoting your business you need to do that to the best of your ability but there are always going to be some things that you cannot do by yourself.  To find out about professional booklet printing click here.


5 Ways a Multifunctional Device Can Benefit Your Business

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No matter what kind of business you have, it is more than likely there will be numerous needs when it comes to printing, scanning, copying, faxing and other office tasks. Rather than having to buy several different machines, a multifunctional device can combine all of the tasks in just one piece of equipment. This device can bring many advantages to a business, including…

  1. Cost

 One of the main benefits of a multifunctional device for a business is the cost savings made. Although the initial purchase price for the device is more than individual models, it will work out cheaper than buying each one separately. In the long term, the device is cheaper to run as it is easier to maintain and repair and uses only one kind of ink or toner.

  1. Space

 Floor space or even desk space can be saved with a multifunctional device as it will take up much less space than individual machines.

  1. Energy

 By using just one machine, less electricity is used so energy bills will see savings.

  1. Convenience

 High tech models such as the Kyocera Taskalfa will offer many more functions compared to older equipment. There will be further options and new ways to produce documents, files, presentations and more. Tasks can be completed quicker and easier on one machine and you can set a priority list so the machine processes the most important duties first.

  1. Waste

With only one machine, there is a lot less waste when it comes to consumables. There is no need to stock up on different cartridges, as the multifunctional device uses just one kind of cartridge, so there is less material left over from supplies and packaging.

To learn more about multifunctional devices, visit the ICA Digital web page.

The importance of gum care

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gum care

Sometimes we are so busy worrying about our teeth that we forget to take care of our gums.  There are a number of reasons why you should put some effort into taking care of your gums – not least because treatment can be costly and will take a long time.


If you allow the gum tissue to recede you may notice a few things including:

  • The tooth root becomes exposed and will then be hypersensitive, making it difficult to tolerate hot or cold temperatures.
  • It may be harder for you to maintain your oral hygiene routine.
  • You may notice that you have a build-up of plaque, more inflammation of the gums and you may notice that you are suffering from tooth decay.
  • When consulting a dentists, Worthing patients may be surprised to hear just how long and expensive treatment for this is.


Some people are unfortunate enough to have a lack of gum tissue and this can be diagnosed by the dentist.  Worthing patients need to be aware of this so that any problems can be addressed.  The gum tissue actually fits quite tightly around the teeth but if there is a lack of it then you may notice issues such as:

  • Gum inflammation
  • Loss of gum and bone
  • Further costly treatment


Not looking after your gums is like trying to grow plants in the garden with no soil.  They are the anchor for your teeth and they need to be in good condition so that your teeth can also be kept in good condition.



A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring

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With so many other things on your mind when planning a wedding, it can be stressful looking for the perfect wedding rings. Knowing it will stay with you for the rest of your life can be overwhelming and make the decision even harder, especially as there are so many choices available to choose from. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when choosing your perfect wedding ring…

  • Match the metal of the ring to your engagement ring metal. They should be the same metal as they will sit together on the same finger so they should match. Platinum engagement rings will look amazing next to 18 carat white gold wedding rings, but over time they can end up looking slightly different.
  • Choose something similar with your engagement ring. They don’t have to match exactly, but something in common with the rings always looks nice such as a similar pattern or the same shape of the stones.
  • Your wedding ring should not be bigger or overpowering to the engagement ring. The bands should be a similar width but the wedding ring should be slightly plainer so the engagement ring is the attention grabbing one.
  • The ring does not have to match your hubby’s. They should be a reflection of your individuality and show your personal styles. You can get them in similar designs or metals if you would prefer.
  • If you get an eternity ring with stones all the way around remember it will be harder to adjust the size in the future.